Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Python Web Development with Django

I got turned on to Django after reading an OReily book on Google App Engine. I ordered this book, and another to get more of a feeling for Django development.

I really like this book. It gives a fair "heads up" on Python at the start, but you really need to know the Python language prior to tackling Django, so I would strongly recommend first picking up a good book on Python and getting familiar with the language first.

That being said, the book covers an entry level feel of Django version 1. The author takes you through all the basics, and I felt that the book was worth the money I spent ( I tend to purchase books from Amazon resellers as you often get books for WAY cheaper ).

This is not what I would consider an Advanced or even Intermediary book on Django. But, as I said earlier, to "get" it, you need to know Python. You also should be comfortable with some other web frameworks. It will make absorbing the information easier.

When it comes to Django books available, I consider this one of the better ones that I have seen thus far. Could it be better? There are some things I would like to have seen, but this is the case with anything. The bottom line is, did I learn from it. The answer is, Yes.

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