Sunday, June 13, 2010

Invent Your Own Computer Games with Python, 2nd Edition

I picked up a copy of this book and was in all honesty blown away by how easy the concepts of python are introduced to the reader in a clear and concise manner. The fact that you are also making small little games with your programs throughout this book helps with motivation as tasks get harder and harder - it keeps it all fun while learning. I was not completely new to the Python programming lingo and have covered some of the basics through a Java course a few years back, never the less this book is a great resource to brush up on the skills.

I actually ran into some trouble here and there as the first online edition I read wasn't completely up to date with some changes in Python - I e-mailed the author and got great personal help to advance further - that was of course much appreciated as well. Unlike The Quick Python Book which we reviewed last month. We are still waiting to hear from the author despite numerous emails asking him to clarify some chapters for us.

All over I am very satisfied and would gladly recommend this book to anyone interested in learning Python at a light and entertaining pace. To give you an idea of how nice this book is, it is currently ranking at #4 on Amazon Bestseller list in Computing/Programming category.

If you fancy learning a language while programming a game at the same time, then this is the book for you. Besides, this is Python so you won't go wrong.

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