Monday, August 23, 2010

PC Repair carried remotey online

One of the magical things about modern technologies is the way they have changed things. Most things that we used to do that required weeks, if not months to do, no takes seconds or minutes (depending on how much further effort is required). I remember when we used to wait weeks on end for a technician to come over and get our computer fixed. And when they eventually turned up, there would be one thing or another that needs replacing; so it turns into backwards and forwards trip before it eventually gets fixed.

But nowadays, everything happens instantaneously - there's no more waiting ages for your computer to be inspected and then fixed, which could drag into weeks, if not months. PC Repair has changed dramatically. In fact, it does not apply to PC Repair alone, banking and other vital financial and supply chain industries have all embraced the modern computer technology. Gone are those days when you would have to wait for just about anything for a period of a week or more before you get any response. Sending letters took weeks to arrive and another to get a reply - in most cases, the round trip could take over a month. By the time the full circle completes, the initial reason for the letter would have been resolved.

Which is why I love the way most PC Repair shops work these days. My computer was having problem with the screen. Every once in a while, I would notice a blink on the screen, just like a flash light. I thought it was something to do with my sight. But I took it seriously when my friend also noticed it and told me there was a quick flash across the screen. So, not risking losing my work and vital data on my computer, I contacted the PC Repair guys who quickly used one of their remote tools to connect and fix the problem.

For the last couple months I have not noticed another flash. It did not take long to get right, in fact, nothing was replaced as I feared, he only updated a graphic card driver and asked that I restart the computer.

So, have you used a remote support before, did it go well? If not, what ever your experience please share with us.

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