Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Decision Points by George W. Bush

This fascinating account of the life and crimes of former US President George W. Bush in Decision Points, is a riveting insight into one of the world's greatest criminal minds and mass murderers. Having remained silent for two years following his ousting as President, Bush now lifts the lid on the Whitehouse Murders and an array of other criminal activities that have blighted his past.

From his own admission as "the costliest mistake I have ever made" relating to his decision to not admit a 1976 conviction for a drink driving offence when running for the Whitehouse, to his friendship with fellow killer Tony Blair, whom Bush once alarmingly likened to Churchill, it's all here, the lies, the deceit, the condoning of water-boarding torture methods on Iraqi prisoners, the illegal invasion of foreign lands and the massacre of innocents in what has to be the cornerstone of any library dealing with True Crime.

The best read since "The Jeffrey Dahmer Story: An American Nightmare"... but it's not recommended as bedside reading when alone in the house. A truly chilling book!

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