Thursday, February 17, 2011

Angel: A Maximum Ride Novel (Maximum Ride: The Protectors)

Ok I loved the Max Ride series, probably the best I've ever read, but I think it should've just stopped at MAX, because I loved the whole Fang x max thing(Even though at times I found Max annoying, call me a critic...)And I immediatly fell in love with Fang(I mean c'mon who doesn't love the dark mysterious type!)

Then with Dylan along now and Max's "perfect other" It was hate at first sight.I knew there was going to be a love triangle sort of thing and I was cool with that, you know, adds to the plot. But when I finished FANG I was like "NO! THEY CAN NOT BE TOGETHER!" (If you havenot read ANGEL yet please do not read on)And with Max and Dylan getting cuddly with eachother I wanted to rip the book apart, and practically exploded when Maya came along.

I had honestly been hoping fang and Max get together and Dylan leave. For good. But now the chances arn't so high since we are at the end. But still waiting impaitently for the next book in 2012 and fingers crossed for The Dylan X Max to be over. But otherwise great plot!

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