Wednesday, November 04, 2009

May Referral Payment $3,697. 78 - My Biggest Payment From Amazon

I have been making some cool cash since I changed my method of promoting my affiliate programmes. For example here's a screenshot of the amount I made in May this year. This was a few months after I followed some of the tips in this book. I have 8 blogs so that should give you an idea of the amount of effort required to keep them relevant and fresh with content. I won't be discussing what product niche these blogs target for now as I'm currently trying to build and nurture it. But I will be prepared to discuss a few of them if anyone is interested.

I must stress that this currently works for me because of the number of Twitter followers I have. The methods and tips used assumes that you already have at least 1000 Twitter followers.That way your chances of click-throughs are greater.

I would also like to point out that depending on your campaign, your earning may vary compare to mine. But one thing you should not let get in the way is doubt. If you have doubts about how much you could make and the time to put into promoting your programmes, then this is definitely not for you. So, if you are serious about making money just like the rest of us, keep reading and follow the simple steps described below.

Finally, if anyone wants the modified copy of the Python script I use for promoting mine on Twitter and other social networking sites, please leave a comment in the comments area and I will get back to you.


NamLN said...

Can you give me your python script? Thank you.

Helen Neely said...

Sorry, you didn't leave your email so I can I send you the script?

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