Saturday, October 09, 2010

Hamilton to Leave McLaren?

#F1 Lewis Hamilton has hinted that despite winning races and raking up points for the team, he'd like to move on to another team. Hamilton, has lost 50 potential points in the last couple of races, leaving him trailing behind in third on the driver's table. His problems were made even more difficult when he crashed just a few laps into the FP1 on Friday afternoon in Suzuka which meant that he missed most of the FP2 (Free Practice 2) until the last 10 minutes.

To further complicate things, there's another report that he will start his race by taking a five-placed gird penalty at Suzuka, once the starting order for the race has been decided. The reason for the drop in grip position is still not clear at the moment, but if the rumours are true, this could be one of the most difficult times for the British driver.

Drivers are allowed to change their gearboxes every four races without a penalty. Hamilton last changed his gearbox at Spa. McLaren are still deciding whether or not to run their new rear wing tomorrow.

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