Monday, October 11, 2010

JBuds J3 Micro Atomic In-Ear Earphones with Travel Case

I've had a pair of JLabs J3 earbuds for about ten months, and they are beginning to develop a loose connection near the base of the plug - which completely spoils the sound. In my experience this is a common stress point, and resulting weak spot for many earbuds, but ten months is a little premature for such an issue to arise on a set that lists for $80.

I'm not an "audiophile", but I know the difference between honest, full bodied sound reproduction, and the opposite. I'm satisfied with the performance of these buds, so I'll be buying them again, especially at the bargain price of $15, but I would suggest that JLabs attempt to reinforce this area.

I know that they value customer input, so I trust they will address this.

Other than that you should honestly get one.

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