Sunday, May 15, 2005

Project Harmony has a Blog

This is the unofficial blog for the Harmony project. Though most of the project discussions are done through the mailing list, but its often too hard and cumbersome to keep track of those important points in the project future; hence the blog.

Most of the vital discussions are archived here, so, this should serve as the first 'point of call' before requesting further info as to what the project is currently looking to achieve.

You can get involved with the project by contributing your ideas and thoughts, and you can even suggest some trivial but effective and efficient solutions to some problems. I work on documentation and testing - if you have a few hours a week to spend and would like to help out, please by all means join the project. We would love to have you on the development team

Be counted!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Completed First Phase

What a sigh of relief we've just finished a module as part of the application we are developing for a client, and the testing seemed ok.

Having spent the last few days writing the final code and documentation for this module, I think its time we let our hair down and have a beer or two... This module has been the most challanging so far. The reason being that it involved us changing alot of the original design as specified by the client; I know this is always the case with most projects, but this was different because the design required us to use a low-level system call and we could not achieve this with Java alone. So, we ended up writing C/C++ DLLs to help achieve this.

But anyway, it seemed ok after the initial testing. They are happy with the result and we are embarking on the remaining phase Monday next week.

So guys, get your tools ready
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