Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Amazon: Etymotic Research ER6i Isolator In-Ear Earphones $72.24

For a limited period only, amazon is doing a wonderful deal on this Etymotic Research ER6i Isolator In-Ear Earphones for $72.24 (List $99.99) . It comes with all the accessories you could ever ask for.

You can view the deal here: Amazon Etymotic Research ER6i Isolator In-Ear Earphones

Monday, November 29, 2010

Head First Python by Paul Barry

Ever wished you could learn Python from a book? Head First Python is a complete learning experience for Python that helps you learn the language through a unique method that goes beyond syntax and how-to manuals, helping you understand how to be a great Python programmer.

You'll quickly learn the language's fundamentals, then move onto persistence, exception handling, web development, SQLite, data wrangling, and Google App Engine. You'll also learn how to write mobile apps for Android, all thanks to the power that Python gives you.

We think your time is too valuable to waste struggling with new concepts. Using the latest research in cognitive science and learning theory to craft a multi-sensory learning experience, Head First Python uses a visually rich format designed for the way your brain works, not a text-heavy approach that puts you to sleep.

Click here to buy

Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Passion for Design by Barbra Streisand

A successful woman with oodles of money and time creates her own world to live in, down to the last bud on the last flower. Not since Joan Crawford published her advice books 40 years ago have we had a book written by someone so out of touch with the "real" world.

My Passion for Design is indeed stuffed with colorful photos and spreads to illustrate her gardens, rooms, closets, etc.; passages of comments from the author pop up throughout. Does she know what she talks about? Yes. Names, dates, and searches for what she wants are ponderously detailed. The issue is that only 0.02% of people can use this information. Can I whip out my checkbook and spend millions on chickens to lay green eggs? Or hire gardeners to come over and debate the nature of the color red for the perfect rose? In this economy, few people outside her fanbase of rabid fans are likely to buy this book.

One wonders if she makes her husband maintain his white hair so as not to clash with the decor. . . .

What could have saved the book from the cutout bin? Tone down the author's search for the perfect doorknob (hip readers will get my AbFab reference) and instead feature sections on "here is what you can do to spruce up your home and gardens with a limited budget. If I can do it, so can you with my help!" That way the average reader could relate to her and her book.

Ultimately, this is a handsome-looking book about. . . nothing at all.

I won't buy this book

Latest Nintendo Wii Hardware Bundle

I just order a red Nintendo Wii Hardware Bundle for my sister and it just took two day to get to my house.I opened and was amazed on how nice this console looks I played the new super mario game for a little bit and its so fun I didn't wanted to put it away Also i like it so much I had to order a second one I'm a game pro and i give this game 5 stars and the console

I recommend everyone to purchase from Amazon.com itself because they are so good on any defects or issues that the item could have that they will send a label for return but to return its hily not likely Amazon number 1

See the game here

Friday, November 26, 2010

How I messed up the week playing games

I can't believe how fast this week just flew by... I still haven't finished all the things I planned on doing. I recently bought a copy of Seven Languages in Seven Weeks and wanted to start reading it. Even if there's still time for that, what bothers me is not being able to stick to my scheduled takes.

Beside the book, I also wanted to join a few of the programmes as discussed on the 5 Guaranteed Ways For a Developer to Make Money This Christmas . If you have not seen it yet, now's the time to go check it out. It essentially shows you what you need to make some residual income as a software developer. I have only managed to join the hub party - and already have 2 post to my name.

Another thing that has been keeping from finishing my side project is the Call of Duty: Black Ops. I recently joined facebook and with a great facebook set up by call of duty fans, I have been playing in a multiplayer mode. Meaning that I spend most nights with other core players well into the wee hours of the morning. This game is terribly addictive. If you want to get something done, please take my advice and do not play this game on empty stomach and pile of tasks waiting on your to-do list.

Spring Persistence with Hibernate

Persistence is an important set of techniques and technologies for accessing and transacting data, and ensuring that data is mobile regardless of specific applications and contexts. In Java development, persistence is a key factor in enterprise, e-commerce, and other transaction-oriented applications.

Today, the Spring Framework is the leading out-of-the-box solution for enterprise Java developers; in it, you can find a number of Java Persistence solutions.

Spring Persistence with Hibernate gets you rolling with fundamental Spring Framework 3 concepts and integrating persistence functionality into enterprise Java applications using Hibernate, the Java™ Persistence API (JPA) 2, and the Grails Object Relational Mapping tool, GORM.
  • Covers core Hibernate fundamentals, demonstrating how the framework can be best utilized within a Spring application context
  • Covers how to use and integrate JPA 2, found in the new Java EE 6 platform
  • Covers how to integrate and use the new Grails persistence engine, GORM

What you’ll learn

  • How to use Spring Persistence, including using persistence tools in Spring as well as choosing the best Java Persistence frameworks/tools outside of Spring
  • How to work with Spring Framework features such as Inversion of Control (IoC), aspect-oriented programming (AOP), and more
  • How to work with Spring JDBC, use declarative transactions with Spring, and reap the benefits of a lightweight persistence strategy
  • How to work with Hibernate and integrate it into your Spring-based enterprise Java applications for transactions, data processing, and more
  • How to integrate with legacy databases, as well as use best practices for developing web services and handling Hibernate proxies and lazy collections
  • How to the integrate the Spring/Hibernate persistence tier with RIA technologies like Ajax and Flash
  • How to integrate JPA for architecting a well-layered persistence tier in your enterprise Java application
  • How to move a persistence tier into JPA
  • How to use and integrate the Grails persistence framework, GORM, and how to leverage it within a standard Java Spring MVC application

Who is this book for?

Spring Persistence with Hibernate is ideal for developers interested in learning more about persistence framework options on the Java platform, as well as fundamental Spring concepts. Because the book covers several persistence frameworks, it is suitable for anyone interested in learning more about Spring or any of the frameworks covered. Lastly, Spring Persistence with Hibernate book covers advanced topics related to persistence architecture and design patterns, and is ideal for beginning developers looking to learn more in these areas.

                            You should buy a copy NOW!

I just joined Facebook to Play Call of Duty: Black Ops

I didn't think I would in a million years join Facebook. Even after joining last week, I still don't like the idea of publishing and uploading every little thing I do on that site for all my friends and old school mates to see what I'm up to.

What made me sign up was how easy it was to find groups of other hardcore Call of Duty: Black Ops players. If you haven't played Call of Duty: Black Ops in a multiplayer mode, I would recommend you get someone to play with. There are people out there on the internet who are always online playing, but the majority of them are on Facebook groups.

If Call of Duty: Black Ops is not your thing, then check out World Of Warcraft as well. It's another multiplayer game with a huge community behind it. This is one of the biggest games on the internet with 100s of millions of monthly players. The community is HUGE...but the latest release of Call of Duty is the daddy right now.

I'm still getting to know my way around, until then I will just stick to the game and no uploading of pictures and other nonsense.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Call of Duty: Black Ops racks up sales record

Call of Duty: Black Ops generated more than $360m (£223m) on the first day it was on sale, publisher Activision says.

In the UK, first day sales of £58m made it the all-formats record holder, says research firm Gfk/Chart-Track.

In the US and UK the game is thought to have sold more than 5.6 million copies, of which 1.4 million were bought by British gamers.

The previous record holder for first day sales was the Black Ops predecessor Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Independent figures for US sales are not yet available but UK figures suggest Black Ops smashed the sales record set by its forerunner.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 sold 1.23 million units in the UK on its first day in November 2009, says Gfk, but Black Ops racked up 14% more. Revenues generated by sales of Black Ops were 22% higher.

Publisher Activision said it expected Black Ops to beat the $550m (£340m) in revenue generated by Modern Warfare 2 in its first five days on sale.

The majority of sales were for the Xbox 360 version of the game, figures showed.

On the first day of release Josh Olin, community manager for Black Ops' creator Treyarch, said more than one million people were online playing the Xbox version at the same time.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Decision Points by George W. Bush

This fascinating account of the life and crimes of former US President George W. Bush in Decision Points, is a riveting insight into one of the world's greatest criminal minds and mass murderers. Having remained silent for two years following his ousting as President, Bush now lifts the lid on the Whitehouse Murders and an array of other criminal activities that have blighted his past.

From his own admission as "the costliest mistake I have ever made" relating to his decision to not admit a 1976 conviction for a drink driving offence when running for the Whitehouse, to his friendship with fellow killer Tony Blair, whom Bush once alarmingly likened to Churchill, it's all here, the lies, the deceit, the condoning of water-boarding torture methods on Iraqi prisoners, the illegal invasion of foreign lands and the massacre of innocents in what has to be the cornerstone of any library dealing with True Crime.

The best read since "The Jeffrey Dahmer Story: An American Nightmare"... but it's not recommended as bedside reading when alone in the house. A truly chilling book!

Friday, November 05, 2010

Broke: The Plan to Restore Our Trust, Truth and Treasure Broke: The Plan to Restore Our Trust, Truth and Treasure

I don't know if the mid-term election earlier this week has anything to do with with Glenn Beck's books shooting to the top of most bestseller lists.

This morning, my kindle app just alerted me that his latest work - Broke: The Plan to Restore Our Trust, Truth and Treasure Broke: The Plan to Restore Our Trust, Truth and Treasure; has made it back to the top for the second time. If you are a regular visitor, you will have noticed that I blogged about this book awhile back. Even then, it was on the way down. So, I'm surprised to see how things have seemed to change yet again.

So, what does this mean for him? From the sales figures on Amazon.com, one can get an clear idea of how many of his books and DVDs have been sold in the last couple of days.

To give you an idea, here's last month sales figure , and here's the latest figures - you judge the difference.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Programming Google App Engine: Build and Run Scalable Web Apps on Google's Infrastructure

As someone who has been working with Java for the best part of 7 years, I recently took up Python programming. So, in a effort to drive that learning further, I have ventured in Google App engine with Python. What better way to get to know how it works than to get a good reference book and work from there!

I had been working with various online tutorials on programming google app engine, but none of them actually focused on good quality examples and working samples to set you up on writing your own with little difficulty.

So, if like me you too have been piecing together different materials, now is the time to get a book like the Programming Google App Engine: Build and Run Scalable Web Apps on Google's Infrastructure which not only shows you how to use Python on Google App, but also includes Java sample apps for those who use Java as well. Now that's cool because it will appeal to both camps.

To give you an idea of how cool this book is, have a look at the Amazon.com review to see what comments other readers have left.
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