Saturday, March 22, 2014

The New Speaking JavaScript

I bought this book despite having other general-purpose Javascript references because I've always really liked Dr. Rauschmeyer's precise writing style on his blog. This book does not disappoint. It's a clear, complete, and unambiguous reference to an sometimes misunderstood and often confusing language.

This is an authoritative guide to the language that doesn't complain or split hairs. There's a tremendous amount of information here presented by a subject matter expert who's adept at explaining sometimes difficult and nuanced concepts with remarkable clarity and terseness. He doesn't gloss over anything or make assumptions; he simply tells it like it is.

This isn't a difficult book to read, in fact it's refreshingly easy, but it's probably not going to be great for novices. It assumes a certain capability on the part of the reader. If you're starting from ground zero, I'd recommend something more conversational or introductory. But if you're looking for a brilliantly organized and researched in-depth reference, you won't be disappointed with Speaking Javascript.
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