Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Setting up a Subversion Server on Ubuntu

Having just decided that we would be bringing in all our SCM in-house, I delegated the task to one of our most recent developers.

His task was to configure one of the computers gathering dust and turn it into a mean machine for all our source code repository. First, we started off by getting a copy of Pragmatic Version Control Using Subversion. This book has just about everything you need to get you running quickly without any long winded story.

Beside that book, another resource we referenced heavily was this excellent resource: Setting up a Subversion Server on Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon server. If you're looking to get into setting up something in house, make sure you check out the tutorial.

Now, we're left with managing access and secure and efficient back up plans.

I will update this blog once we have a stable backup plan in place.

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