Monday, April 19, 2010

Every Last One: A Novel

Anna Quindlen books are always very powerful (I remember "Black and Blue" vividly and that has been years ago). This latest novel from her is no exception. Incredibly well written with an engrossing and emotional story, this is a book that will stay with you for days after finishing it - and probably years.

The author is a master at being able to write what a mother feels but doesn't necessary articulate. Being the other of a teenage myself, there were many times during the book when I would think how perfectly she captured so many moments in my own life. Obviously not everything translates exactly, but you can tell this is a woman who has walked a mile in my shoes and is able to write eloquently about that experience. The uncertainty of raising kids (even the ones that are really, really "good) is perfectly articulated and shared throughout the book.

A beautifully written book with a story that draws you in slowly at first, grabs you in the middle, and then doesn't let you go until the final page is read.

Warning: I would caution the reader to be very careful about reading reviews of the book until after completing it yourself. As the jacket indicates, there is an event which occurs that rocks the main character's world. While you know something is coming, it is best to be unaware of what the actual event is - a spoiler regarding the plotline would really be a spoiler in this case.

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