Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Nokia N900 Unlocked Phone/Mobile Computer with 3.5-Inch Touchscreen

Great phone! has everything you could imagine and more. I am absolutely fascinated with it so far, and still got pleanty to discover as i continue using it. The only problem which all large screen cell phones have is the battery life. You will probably have to charge it on a daily basis, which could be a bit annoying for some people, but so far i don't mind.

Cool features:
Radio transmitter: Great for listen to your mp3's while you are driving.
Capacity: 32gb of memory plus up to 16gb with micro sd Video playback quality: Excellent quality almost HD in case it actually is HD
Video/Audio output: Great way to take you movies or songs and play them in every home apart from your own's Dual input keyboard: Both touchscreen and qwerty as well
Opposite to what i heard in many reviews IT IS NOT DIFFICULT TO USE AT ALL.

It is pretty intuitive as well.I don't know why some would call it "a nerd phone" because of its interface. Maybe its oriented to programmers but just because it has a programming console, just that. Very cool it runs with a Linux based OS so you can eventually customize it your way. Also there are a lot of great applications you an download done by the community for free!

Overall Excellent phone, very happy with it, would but it a second time

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