Friday, April 09, 2010

Original Intent: The Courts, the Constitution, & Religion

After reading this book and then checking out the critiques of it all over the web, it was easy to figure out how threatened most feel about something they have trouble understanding. Barton has these documents he sites. He has actual documents in one of the largest collections of our early historical documents known. Those that refute his work are saying he makes up things, distorts facts, etc. Here's an idea, READ the documents. Jefferson DID setup churches and sign his documents "year of our Lord Christ." It's not a disputable "opinion," it's a fact that can be verified.

For those who are trying so hard to discredit this book, I suggest you do some logical thinking. This nation, and this western world, was highly religious all the way up to the early 20th century when the progressive movement started to try and tear that process down based on the ideas of some extremely insane people who never amounted to anything in life (read Marx.) If there was so much emphasis on religion throughout the western world of Europe and Eurasia, and the original pilgrims leaving Europe to escape religious persecution, why would the founders just suddenly forget all of the heavy emphasis on religion in their days?

The answer is they didn't, it's revisionist dogma to say they did that defies logic and common sense, and while yes a few of the original founders did have different ideas on religion, the idea that they were all atheists is insane. I hope you all realize that a deist didn't mean they didn't believe in god, so you can drop that right now.

Read this book and follow it with the sources and read the full correspondences in original context. You'll find out just how easy it is to verify that religion dominated the time. Then read the top progressive books followed by the communist manifesto and other top socialist/communist books. One theme is common in those books, and it's the hatred toward religion and the idea that religion is what's standing in the way of "progress." To me that's all you need to know. Ask the pilgrims, soviets, and socialist Europeans how well that worked/ is working for them.

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