Monday, May 31, 2010

New Kindle Wireless Reading Device

I waited with anticipation for this latest Kindle. I love reading like many of the reviewers on here, and I anxiously prayed for the Christmas morning when it would be under my tree. Well, it happened and from the moment I opened it I was in a wireless trance.

The device gives you the ability to buy books instantly right from Amazon, it didn't take that long to charge, Amazon has a ton of books to choose from, and while the look of the books on the Kindle isn't the greatest I think that in time it will be perfected. The Kindle is also light weight and can fit easily in a bag or purse, but not in your jeans. The cons I found and this is what kept the Kindle from getting a 5 star rating was no lighting system. I know the Kindle makers wanted it to be just like reading a paper book, but still the loss of the light is a little annoying. Secondly there is no pages for the books.

When I read I love to know what page I'm on, it's a psychological thing that the Kindle fails to deliver on. Speaking of psychological negatives, the Kindle is not the same as a book. The biggest fault of the Kindle and it's probably not even the Kindle's fault, but mine, is that it doesn't have the feel of a book. I love that it can hold thousands and makes the day at the beach lighter, but the look and the feel of a book in;t there. Reading books on the kindle as opposed to paperback is not the same.

I love everything about paperback books from the way they feel in my hands to the smell they give off. Books also are a part of you. When you finish a novel you put it back on your shelf and it stands as an accomplishment, something you did, a moment in your life that you can point to and say look! I read that. If the book is really good you get to loan them out. With the Kindle you can't do that. With school as well the Kindle becomes a nuisance. While the books are cheaper, without pages you can;t really keep up with reading in class.

I understand we are in a technology age and probably in another ten years electronic books will be more widely accepted. For now I still like the Kindle and I read from it often, but the paperback still remains my main reading device.

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