Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New Sanyo HD Video Camera VPC-HD2000EBK Full 1920x1080 High Definition Dual Video Camcorder & 8MP Photo Camera - Black

This new Sanyo HD Video Camera is the best! it has all the automatic point-and-click features to make this a great video and photo camera, plus the menu to change standard settings is real easy to use. You certainly stand out from the crowd at the school concert!

The grip style means you can easily hold the camera for long periods with straining your hand.
The size means you can carry it safely in your pocket and it has a real quick start up time when you are ready to use.

This is the second time I bought this Sanyo HD Video Camera; my first survived being dropped on a stone floor, but it didn't make it past a burst-drinks-bottle my baby son stuffed into my rucksack! If adventure is your thing try the waterproof versions, I just bought my Brother-in-law one for his birthday.

Top product and a great price - bought in preference to a hard drive competitor as SD cards are so cheap! and it looks better than anything else in its catagory, plus photos as well as video.

Who needs anything else?

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