Sunday, January 02, 2011

Wii Play with Wii Remote - $27 Only

Must have.

Great party game. Great for young kids and Moms and Dads. Great for the occasional friendly competition.

Genius in its simplicity and in its introduction to Nintendo's wiiremote. No option and modes and extraneous bs. Basically one screen with ~8 game choices.

Still remains some of the best examples of controls done right on the Wii. And has that distinctive crisp Nintendo look and fluid animation that I personally just love.

Not sure how anyone could give this less than five stars. Many of the naysayers played these games for hours when they first got it and probably have popped it back in the Wii numerous times over the course of the nearly 4 years it has been out.

Ok at this point just buy the game by itself used because the included remote is the old version of the remote. The new remote with motion plus built-in (not inside the dongle) is the remote you should purchase at this point in time. So look on a used game site or store of your choice for the game only. Buy a new remote separate.

But by all means buy this game. Unless you hate giddy simple competitive fun.

Luckily, it's on sale this week for only $27. Hurry, buy one now before they are all gone.
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