Friday, May 23, 2008

Ranking lower than before on Google???

Ok, your site was ranking very high on Google results, and all of a sudden your site is pushed back to somewhere around page 10 or more in the search results. This is something most people don't want to happen to their sites especially if you rely on search results to drive traffic to your site.

Well, there are changes you can make to help you regain your 'thrown' and even move much further up than before. In the next few articles, I will show you simple tricks that I've personally used to increase my own ranking without having to worry about sliding down the ranking slopes ever again.

Don't worry, you wouldn't have to pay a penny. This is so simple that most people ignore it every time they put up a page on their sites. I will also try and show you how to drive those needed traffic to your site or blog without having to pay for it.

Ever wondered how those other sites manage to have tens of thousands of traffic on a weekly basis? Well, wonder now more. An example of such sites is this, they allow you to use their services and tools to increase site profile without paying an arm and a leg for it.

But I will make time over the weekend to compile all the steps you need to a much higher ranking on Google.

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