Tuesday, March 31, 2009

How do you make money online?

Everyone I know these days wants to make money online, but how do you go about finding out where to start and how to go about it correctly without wasting valuable time on useless affiliate programmes and multi-level marketing rubbish?

Luckily, the whole internet is awash with sites and blogs all talking about how to make money online. But first, you need to weed through all these sites before you can really see the germ.

However, it's worth noting that most of these sites are all talk and no action -
What this means is that all these sites are quick to tell you how much you can make money online. But if you dig a little through their site, you will soon realise that they don't make as much as they claim. In fact, only roughly 20% of them actually make money online.

Don't get me wrong, there are some who are making a real amount of money online. For example, this guy makes some cash because he has a network of blogs that run into their ten's. So, my advice is that if you're really serious about making money online, it is important that you checkout this link to see if there's something in there that you can learn from.

In this first part of my how to 'Make Money Online', I just quickly introduce things, I will carry on from here on my next installation.

For now, have fun and start thinking about how you too can make more online.

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Chubskulit Rose said...

I dug up your old posts hehehe.. I saw your cmment at dharlz page about the paying post, I am one of the disappointed ones about Paying Post.. Did they pay you already?

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