Thursday, January 27, 2011

New JBuds J3 Micro Atomic In-Ear Earphones with Travel Case (Jet Black)

I have been around high end Micro Atomic In-Ear Earphones my whole adult life. I consider myself an audiophile, albeit with 53 year old ears that have lost some high end. I am really impressed with these earphones, the build quality is outstanding and they are very comfortable to wear. For this week only, Amazon is selling then at -$60.00 the list price

Comfort was something that I was definitely concerned with since I can't stand to wear cheap ear buds, they just don't fit very well. These fit right in the canal and perform a great seal. I can wear for hours with no discomfort. Now to the sound quality, initially I was disappointed , there was definitely something amiss in the frequency response, a blooming in the mid bass area I would guess. But they say there is a break in period and so yes after some hours it definitely sounded better. For my older ears the sound seems to fit me very well, which probably means they have a high end bump.

For younger ears I would venture to say they will be bright. I am not into bass for bass's sake, so again I thought they were perfect for my ears, especially if they are pressed in tight to get the best seal. If you like heavy overemphasized bass (which seems to be for some unknown reason what younger people like these days) these are probably not for you.

Two small downsides. One is the noise from the cable rubbing on something gets acoustically amplified and gets annoying. I would not consider these for joggers, as the cord will be bouncing around. Second is the cord gets twisted very easily.

Be sure to check it out today as they are always changing the price to clear their stock.

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