Monday, February 13, 2012

Coding Bundle (jQuery, JavaScript, CSS)

This bundle includes three eBooks that will help you master the various areas of CSS, JavaScript and jQuery. Get the full hang of CSS: be it layouts, !important declarations, advanced CSS selectors, CSS specificity and inheritance, media queries or experimental CSS properties. The CSS eBook is a full compendium of advanced CSS techniques for professional Web developers.

Improve your JavaScript knowledge with valuable lessons from practice and learn your way around the new jQuery techniques. Of course, all three eBooks are available in PDF, EPUB and MobiPocket formats.

“Mastering CSS” (eBook, 365 pages)
Are you stumped by the rather sophisticated nature of CSS? Getting a grip on this still dewy technology isn’t quite as hard as you might think. Connecting the dots is easier when you have all the vital facts within reach. And that’s what “Mastering CSS” is all about. This eBook offers 15 hand-picked articles that overflow with professional advice and that reflect the deep experience of the Smashing Magazine authors you trust — authors who know exactly what they’re writing about.

Stop hiding behind cross-browser compatibility issues, and launch a counterstrike. Tame those advanced CSS selectors; learn your way around CSS3 media queries; pioneer the field of CSS3 keyframe animations. Get in the game, and learn how to use advanced CSS typography, CSS3 pseudo-classes and modern CSS layouts, while devising back-up solutions for older browsers.

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