Monday, December 02, 2013

Python 3 Object Oriented Programming - The Review

Prior to reading Python 3 Object Oriented Programming I was already familiar with advanced OOP concepts and Python 2 in particular; as well as with Java and other languages. So, I expected the book to enforce my thinking and help me to understand new features provided by Python 3 as compared to version 2. I think the book managed to do this in an excellent manner.

I think the approach used by the book is well suited for a wide range of readers. It explains enough theory and provides useful examples that help to understand how to apply OOP in practice. People new to Python and/or OOP have a lot to gain from reading Python 3 Object Oriented Programming. More experienced users of the language may find the book ideal as reference material.

It's important to note that the book focuses on OOP particularly in the context of Python. Don't expect any history lessons or theory on various OOP approaches (prototypes vs. classes, ie.) beyond the one (class based approach) used in Python. Despite this the book provides excellent value. I do recommend checking out several other languages (Java, Lua, JavaScript, Smalltalk) and paradigms (AOP, traits) for further inspiration.

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