Thursday, September 02, 2010

Amazon Affiliates Did Not Receive Associates Payment

Just like most affiliates, I have been promoting Amazon products for a long time on this and many of my other blogs and sites. This used to be a fun way to make decent revenue stream outside your normal wage but recently, I started seeing post on many forum threads about Amazon not sending out cheques to affiliates. This of course is unlike Amazon - they have been at the forefront of Affiliate marketing and they publishers loved them. 

But with the latest payment issue, it looks like they will be turning their backs and moving on to something else. The reason I'm posting this is because I too did not receive my last month direct payment. Despite a number of emails to their support team, I still haven't seen a single penny. To make the matter worse, this is another month, bringing the total of unreceived payments to two (2).

I did a quick search online and noticed that even more people are posting queries in the line of: Amazon Affiliates Did Not Receive Associates Payment.

So, I thought I would post this in case there are still those wondering if they are the only ones affected. You are not in this alone - there are many others including myself that have not received our payment for the second month running. Like I said above, I have been in contact with them, but have not got any positive updates from the. If you too have contacted them and have any response, please post in the comment to share with others.

Until I get my payments I don't see myself promoting any of their products.

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