Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cracking the Coding Interview, Fourth Edition: 150 Programming Interview Questions and Solutions

I've read several books on interviewing, so I knew some of the stuff in this book. I still learned a bunch though. I got some valuable techniques on approaching problems, as well as for how to prepare. The resume advice is also great.

One thing though - make sure you follow the author's advice to the letter. It's tempting to just read through the interview solutions from start to end - don't! Actually take the time to go through them methodically, using the techniques from the book. You'll learn much more and, really, that's what good interview prep is all about.

I did actually get offers from Traffic, Imation, BT and the BBC (ended up going to BT- woot!). Who knows what would have happened otherwise, but I'm guessing this book had a lot to do with it.

Will definitely re-read before any future interviews as well.Get a copy if you're in search of jobs in software development.

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