Wednesday, November 18, 2009

CandyGirl Video: Sweet Satisfaction Jasmine Grey Special Edition

Sometimes a girl doesn't need to be over-the-top explicit - to be sexy. Sometimes a simple peek will be as sweet - as an entire view!

That's what makes these `Candy Girl' videos so satisfying. And even though I'm probably not the intended audience -- this episode is definitely my favorite.

Unlike later releases -- which focus on just one girl - this original issue offers a much wider variety of babes, situations, and types of sexual encounters to enjoy.

A lithe blonde - wearing a micro-bikini - pretends to be asleep in bed. Her tossing and turning provides us with an array of tantalizing views.

A buxom Britney Spears-style blonde relaxes on a sofa - while trying on different dental floss-sized bikinis, and sometimes hiking her t-shirt (to temptingly show us what's underneath).

A cute brunette stands, bends, sits, and walks up stairs - while letting the camera move in as closely (underneath her skirt) as it wants. Some of Candy Girl's nicest (and most original) work is their outdoor upskirt segments - where young women wear short billowy dresses (with string panties underneath) while traipsing or strolling in public - on a very windy day. (How smart is that?)

In a type of scene unique to this episode (but shouldn't be) - two young women practice kissing while clothed -- and later while almost nude and lying together on a bed. The camera lingers over every inch, and the audio nicely relays the smacking sounds of their gently parting lips.

For guys, this video will bring many (adolescent) fantasies vividly to life - using women who are obviously well past adolescence. For girls (who want to learn how to be sexy), it's sometimes fun - to see how the other-male-half lives. (It may not take as much as you'd think.) Enjoy.

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