Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Free - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

I never bought Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. I was just not that into it when I was already dug in deep with Halo 3 and couldn't care much for any other FPS shooter for a while after that. Eventually though the game lost its appeal and I started renting video games just about every weekend between school work and other activities.

I rented COD 4 and played through the campaign. I liked it a lot and thought that the graphics were rather impressive compared to what I had seen in COD 3. I never touched the multi-player because I basically figured it would be the same as any other shooter just with modern weapons (which I got to experience in 2006 with Rainbow Six: Vegas). I knew the game was good and I very much liked the franchise, so I ended up purchasing Call of Duty: World at War last November. I didn't find anything bad about this game at all because I love World War II games. I can switch from modern or past and it doesn't matter to me. I levelled up to 10th prestige 65 and edged off of that once this past summer was over with.

The hype eventually reached out to me and brought me in, so I bought the game earlier today and played straight through the campaign. I don't like how there isn't co-op. It would truly make this game much more enjoyable when you have an experience to share with your friends. It's like sharing and living in a whole other world and being active participants in these dangerous, death-defying missions beyond most of our capabilities we find ourselves thrust into doing.

I thought the campaign trailer was stunning and it was very gripping. There are many touches to realism and well, you'd just have to play it. The ending or cliffhanger was awesome. I'll probably pre-order Modern Warfare 3 right away.

The multi-player for me wasn't that big of a jump from Call of Duty: World at War. Like I said, it's basically everything changed but the basic structure of the play style is the same. Coming from playing a World War II game with those weapons, I'm not facing much difficulty holding my own in a modern setting. The transition is very easy, almost transparent. I guess that might depend though on your ability to adapt to new environments, so it might not be. It was though for me. I'm going to say though that from all the levels I've played they were really great and I'm looking forward to playing some more tomorrow.

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