Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Free Amazon Kindle Leather Cover

I read several positive reviews about Kindle2 before I purchased it and my expectations have been exceeded. It's easy to hold, read, turn pages, make notes, access the dictionary, move between books, change type size, search using google, and look for and buy Kindle books. Downloads are almost immediate.

Free books are available at the Kindle store. Free downloads of samples of books I'm considering purchasing is a great feature. There is enough to make an informed decision to buy or not so the samples have saved me money. I highly recommend the leather case. It protects the Kindle2 and makes it easier to hold.

The search feature is very useful in locating information to help my clients. I use it when I remember reading something that is relevant and want the actual passage. My only disappointment so far is having to turn it off for take off & landing when I'm travelling so I bring articles to read when my Kindle2 isn't available.

I am pleased I decided to purchase the leather case. I'm very particular about the condition of my books so obviously I wanted to protect my Kindle. It's pleasing on the eye, is made from good quality leather and it gives you the feel of holding a book as opposed to a mini computer. It's reasonably priced and arrived much faster than I anticipated.

I'd recommend that when you purchase your new Kindle, purchase the leather protection case at the same time.

Here's a movie clip in various colours.

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