Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Lost Symbol - Dan Brown

I had never before read a Dan Brown book when I read the lost symbol. I had seen the Da Vinci code film and that was enough to put me off ever even picking his book up in a book shop. My boyfriend bought it for his mum and as a passing comment it said, ooh that looks interesting.

The next thing I know, its arriving on my door step! I read it in a very short space of time, due to the fact I have my nose glued between the pages, unable to put it down. Its the hardcover version and I've got a very bad back, but I still thought it was worth lugging it around in return for the chance to enter the amazing world the book offers.

I was very interested in the information it contains on the free masons and other organisation in the book. I found it very interesting and very exciting! Since reading this book i have read the Da vinci code and angels and daemons and have just started on digital fortress. I have a new found love for the writings of Dan Brown. Don't let the films put you off!

They miss out all the elegant descriptions and writings of Dan Brown and just shred the story! I definitely recommend this book!

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