Friday, July 30, 2010

Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty Collector's Edition

I got the special edition and just have to say the Dog Tags alone are worth the $40 difference the other stuff is cool but not nearly as nerd-worthy. The fact that it glows is just icing on the cake. The Art book is amazing as usual and the soundtrack is again sweet. I'm so happy I was able to spring on a Special Edition, it helped that although the game was $10 more expensive than normal but the special edition was priced the same as any other special edition I've purchased.

I assume if your looking at the special edition you are a fan boy or girl like myself so you are already aware of some of the drawbacks like the connection to B-Net. Again Broadband is listed as a requirement so that should be a clue.
If you don't meet minimum system requirements you should not be buying a game. For the record my little brother ignored this and got the game anyways and thanks to Blizzards lowest common denominator method of development he got it to play almost flawlessly on a $300 Walmart eMachine well below the minimum requirements.

For any of you who are upset about Blizzards attempts to stop illegal software you need to do your research and realize how pandemic the problem is. I have had both accounts stolen and CD keys stolen so the fact that it is tied to B-Net and I can encrypt my account with an Authenticator makes this one of the greatest points and I appreciate the security.

Ignore all 1 star ratings on the basic game the fine folks who gave it 3 stars are correct in there negatives and I commend them for there well thought out responses. However I say that the game is well worth any drawbacks and even with them is a 5+ star game.

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