Thursday, July 01, 2010

Payingpost is a Scam

This is not the usual blog post about making money or that sort of thing. But it relates to it in more ways than one - but I would spear you the long boring and regurgitated story about making million in under a month on today's entry.

But what I'd not spare you however, is that most paid-to-blog companies out there are just scamming innocent users and bloggers for nothing. A friend of mine who will remain nameless was talking about how he wrote the usual initial blog post for PayingPost - that was over 3 months ago, and have not got any response from them after emailing to inform that he had written the test post they asked for.

I know, I know...things are hard, but how many of you out there can honestly say they've made something reasonable from PayingPost? There's none. Most of the people I've seen have either done one or nothing at all. The worst bit of it all is that your emails remain unanswered.

Now, if all these bloggers have each written one or two blog post for them, it means cheap and free publicity. According to their site, you'd have to earn $50 before you get your payment. That means all these bloggers would have to wait indefinitely before they can feel, touch or enjoy the fruit of their labor. Which in my book is insane.

Again, I didn't want to post this entry because I was worried I would be giving them even more publicity. So, I made the concious decision not to create an active link to their site. But I can only hope you don't sign up with them :(

However, if you are a blogger and have used them, and got any payments, please leave a comment here for people to see. And finally, if you're from PayingPost and would like clarify things to prove us wrong, we would love to hear it; and admit that we were wrong. In return, you will get a post for you free on this very blog. :)

That's a promise!

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Scotty said...

Please consider providing link to - Report All Scams Here. empowering people with information to protect themselves and others. Thanks!

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