Saturday, August 29, 2009

Finally Moved Project To SCM

Believe it or not, I have been working on 3 different open source projects in the last couple of months beside holding down a full-time job; and this has been keeping me quite too busy to enjoy other things outside software development and computers in general.

If you read my last blog, you will have noticed that I just bought myself a new top of the range Nikon D3 camera. This of course is what I have been indulging in lately to give myself the much needed break from open source and software development. Although, I still find time to code in the evenings, but at least I get to spend the day outdoors having fun.

Now, today's blog post is a note to myself to remind me of when I finally imported one of my pet projects onto a version control system. I'd planned to finish one of my longest running projects, but didn't get round to working on it - partly because it wasn't on a version system and couldn't be seen on my project list.

So, this afternoon, I finally decided that the only way I could get it finished was to move to where I could see it amongst other projects.

My aim now is to spend a few hours each month and it should be enough to get it complete. Another reason I have not finished it is because I started working on it on my old Windows XP laptop; but didn't get to move it since all my current development is done on Ubuntu and Mac.

But with it now finally in the same place as other projects I'm working on, it should and will be getting the same attention and effort that I put into other projects.

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