Saturday, August 15, 2009

Free SVN Hosting Project - CVS Hosting

A friend was looking around for ideas on where to host a project they will be working on with other developers and thought it would make sense to use a good source code management system.

Although there are lots of project hosting sites out there, but almost all require that you register an open source project with them to get your source hosted free or you'd have to pay for a pro account. But because this is not going to be an open source project, they had to look around for something that fits their need. A few promising sites were suggested including xp-dev.

I have not used it myself, but I will definitely look into it when I have the time. For me, I have a server at home that I use for all my hosting needs. Infact,I have a static IP for the last 2 years, as such, I host some of my applications and pet project sites on my server at home.

However, I was able to install, configure and get an SVN running in under 30 minutes. You may also want to invest in Practical Subversion, Second Edition if you want to learn to run your on SVN. I can't recommend that book enough, it has just about everything you'd need to run a successful SCM from a one man project to a truly complex development setup. Here's another good review on Pragmatic Version Control Using Subversion, check it out and see if the material is for you. This is particularly useful because -
  1. I can organise my own back up
  2. run my own continuous integration on it
  3. choose and change my tooling needs without getting stuck with whatever a
    provider supplies

What makes this very good is that it does not have to run on a powerful computer - infact, just about any computer would do.

So, having discussed the benefits for hosting oneself, he was convinced it was a good idea to go with that.

One other thing most people do not realise is that with no incentive for the hosting company to back or even keep the service running, you are likely to lose all your valuable source code in a flash. But why would you risk it when a small fee would give you the same level of service, but with added sense of reliability.

So, if you are looking for a free SVH Hosting, you may want to consider paying for it or get a cheap dedicated VPS server and have your very own free SVN Hosting there for yourself and your friends too. Don't rely on free services, instead pay for the cheapest and expect it to be reliable.

That's it. Get out more, enjoy life, make love not war, help the needy and God bless Marcus Garvey.

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