Thursday, August 20, 2009

London Android Developers Meetup

Today, I thought I would stop by the London Android Developers meetup to see the latest in handset technology and developments. It actually went quite well - only that I was a bit late so missed the first half of the talk. Otherwise it was a packed and interesting presentation.

As usual, more in depth discussions carried on in the pub across the street, so I had to tag along just to make sure that I not only get to hear all the gossips, the next killer project, and some awesome complex demos, I also get to swap business cards and bitch around too. What else could I do at the pub - I don't drink.

In general, it was a good talk and will definitely try to make it much earlier next time and bring even more business cards. Oh, I forgot my camera at the office so didn't manage to take any pictures. But I will make sure that I don't forget next time.

That's it for now, I have to go now...have to be up early in the morning for an appointment with a client. Stay tight, don't drink and one another and be happy.

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