Sunday, August 16, 2009

Scala Servlet HowTo

Following on very nicely with the theme of software engineering and software development, I thought I would show you a very good tutorial for those who are looking to explore the possibilities of taking up Scala programming.

In this tutorial, the author discusses how to miss Scala and Servlet; and how to deploy them on a Tomcat server. Though, the tutorial does not go deep well enough into how to go about dealing with errors and installations, but assumes that you already have the necessary installations and how to run Servlet applications.

One other thing I like about the tutorial is that it also answers one of the questions that new developers always ask: If you package library jars with every web app, then you will potentially have hundreds of the same .jar file on your system - each with every web app you deploy. The answer to that is that you place a common jar that your apps will depend on in ${tomcat}/shared/lib instead of putting it in each WEB-INF/lib. In fact, one of our new developers asked the same question when we did a pair programming together.

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