Thursday, March 11, 2010

Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS Receiver With Heart Rate Monitor

The Forerunner 305 has lived up to expectations, based on my first few weeks of experience. I use it for jogging/walking and it appears consistent and accurate based on about 10 outings of 6 mile length.

Positives: Light weight, easy to read, much flexibility on output displays, docks and synchronizes seemlessly with the Garmin Training Center software, works as advertised. I particularly like to display current pace as well as average pace.

Negatives (but none are serious): Takes 30 to 45 seconds to find satellites. I have a short attention span and tend to get impatient waiting for it to lock onto the satellites.

Tip: I occasionally record a false start by accident, then stop the run after say 5 or 10 seconds. Unfortunately, this "run" is recorded on the GPS. After uploading the data to the Garmin Training Center, I deleted the bogus run from the uploaded records. But every time I dock/sync, the short run was restored to the training record. The solution is to upload data, delete the unwanted record, clear the GPS memory, then send the remaining good records from the Training Center back to the GPS device. Said another way, I couldn't find a way to delete a record directly from the GPS, but the workaround accomplishes the same thing.

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