Sunday, March 21, 2010

SwissGear Wired Laptop Backpack - Great Pack for the Professional!

I travel a LOT for my job and basically have to carry my office on my back. I've gone through numerous backpacks and none really fit the bill...till now. I had noticed that a lot of my work peers were using various backpacks from Swiss Gear and all loved them for the right reasons. So I took the plunge with the new SwissGear Wired Laptop Backpack and couldn't be happier. Quality is definitely 5-stars and the organization within is about perfect. I carry a Dell 15" XPS laptop so the computer compartment is definitely big enough - but for the first time I don't have to struggle putting it in.

If there was any area for improvement it would be these two things. The cell phone carrier on the front strap is just too little for any kind of iPhone, Droid, or other full size 3G phones. Something like the Palm Pixi might fit, as would any smaller, normal phone. The other thing I would like to see is a small outside pocket (w/ zipper and flap) on the back. The most used and opened pocket on the backpack is the top compartment between the two straps. However if you have the pack attached to your roller bag, you can't access that compartment very easily.

For the frequent flyer, beware that this pack can grow to monstrous proportions if you continue to fill it (which you will). I have not been denied boarding for the pack being too big, just be aware that it's a big pack. Which is why I bought it!!

Highly recommended, two thumbs up!!

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