Saturday, May 01, 2010

iPhone for Programmers: An App-Driven Approach

In the process of learning a new computer language or software development environment, I have found that multiple books are needed, each with a different focus: a good intro book with simple examples (Beginning iPhone 3 Development), a great language reference book (Programming in Objective-C), and a first-class advanced applications/topics book. This book, iPhone for Programmers: An App-Driven Approach, is the first-class advanced applications/topics book in my set.

Chapter 2 describes the process that follows the design step for an app: testing the app on an iPhone/Touch device, preparation for submission, pricing, managing, and marketing your newly created app. Chapter 2 lists common characteristics of great iPhone/Touch apps. Some of the reasons that may cause an app to be rejected by Apple are also described. Chapter 2 is a much appreciated chapter and a rare topic for an application programming book.

For the next fourteen chapters, example apps are provided; one per chapter. The apps look good enough to be listed on the app store. Each of the chapters follows a consistent organizational structure: Introduction, Test-driving the App, Overview of the Technologies, Building the App, and Wrap-up.

On the page just before the Table of Contents is a listing of the topics available at the resource center on the authors' website. The resource center is an extensive collection of well-organized current information about computer languages, internet business, open source, programming, and web2.0. This is definitely not your typical book-support website.

Although I am still working my way through the last few chapters, I am pleased with the depth of technical material and the variety of real application examples. After learning the basics, nothing beats further learning than developing, compiling and debugging your own code to create your own software application. It is also the most humbling part of the learning process. Dare to dream...

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