Wednesday, May 19, 2010

NIER by Square Enix

I wasn't impressed with the Wii looking Graphics when I turned it on. I also forgot to load it to the HD so the loading killed me.

After I loaded it to the HD I found myself starting to get comfortable with this game. (Get the kids out of the room!)

The Graphics are better than the Wii, the blood is very fun to watch, the combat was interesting, the story was interesting, the score was great as well as the voice acting.

There is repetition, the loading sucks when you go in and out of areas, I wish I could have avoided the menus a bit and was able to Hot key. A save feature is need. I don't know why the Japanese think we need to travel somewhere to save a game. If my phone rings or I have to go, I don't have time to mess around for 30 minutes to save the game if i have something to do.

I started to appreciate NIER when I was able to whistle, get the sheep to run up to me and then I slaughtered them (after getting kicked by one of them), brought them to market for $$. I was concerned about the graphics until I had to save my Daughter early on from two huge Golden Monsters, they looked great, reminiscent of FF13. The combat was fun, as i slashed away and then had to switch to magic which amounted to massive BLOOD GUSH,,, I was hooked!

The game looks good and bad but its fun anyway and that what its all about.

I would recommend this game for purchase or rental. It was more fun than FF13 to me and less repetitious. Some of the battles are cool and big!

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