Sunday, June 27, 2010

Kindle Now Just $189

I never thought I would buy an electronic device to read books, but I saw someone in jury duty have this and I was floored! I wanted it and this has been a pretty good recent purchase so far. And this is going to be the norm very soon. I used to buy hardcover/paperback books, usually from Amazon, but rarely got to read them. I just had a hard time in general with ever getting to them. However, after purchasing the Kindle, I read a book in about three days. With the Kindle, I feel like I read faster and are more interested in reading in general.

It is very cool. I just wish some of the books were cheaper, but they are usually cheaper than buying in paperback so I shouldn't complain. All in all, this is a really cool and efficient item. You will not want to go back to paperback. Why would you? Any book you feel like reading at any given time is right under your fingertips. And the people I asked were right when they told me your eyes won't strain because they don't (I sometimes have a problem with that). I would say the only gripe is no backlight and not much organization with the book lists.

But really...these are pretty minor compared to the overall item. Just waiting for my case now so I can have an even better reading experience.

I would highly recommend this item...more so now that it is only $189!

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