Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Overton Window

Getting the obvious out of the way first, I'm a Glenn Beck fan. I definitely enjoyed reading this book because it kept me interested for the majority of the way through it. It got a little tough to read in the middle parts, with the dialogue bordering on preachy. You will recognize much of his rhetoric from his previous books, his show on Fox News and his radio show. Depending on your take of his projected views, you will either like it or it'll set off your gag reflex.

The plot was interesting but way out in left field. He makes no secret about making his own efforts to shift the Overton Window in our own minds to help us gain perspective on more plausible outcomes when the government seeks more power over our lives.

I'd say if you're a big Beck fan, The Overton Window is a must read. If you're not, be prepared to roll your eyes all the way though. I know that's what I do when I read the Huffington Post. I recommend reading this book. It never hurts to learn more about your enemies and your allies.

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