Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Anthropology of an American Girl: A Novel

This is a great coming of age book. It follows the main character, Eveline from high school through college but more of her experiences were out of school with her friends, relatives and lovers. I will try not to disclose too much of the story because I want you to read it. There were some scenes that brought me tears because they had happened in my life too.

I think that this is truly a book immersed in themes for all American women. I appreciated the sensitive way, Hilary Thayer Hamman has Eveline see the world through the sounds, smells, textures and deep inner feelings as the artist that she was in the book. She was more introspective than an extroverted person. Eveline is easy to identify with in so many ways. Her character interprets life sometimes incorrectly, but always deeply. Her friend Jack is at the same time ultra sensitive and intuitive but also a very lost soul. As, you read, I think that you will agree that there are Jacks, Rourkes, Dans and Robs in all our lives.

The author works each character thoroughly. The women in her book, her best friend, Kate, Kate's mother, Maman, her own mother are all fully developed too. And the situations are very memorable like writing a deeply personal letter over and over again and yet not sending it. How many of us have had that situation?

But what I gained the most from this incredible book is the author's insights that she put into the character's words, thought and feelings. I had to stop every once in a while and think about them and how they appeared in my own life. Something I had not thought about in my life now make sense! There are very few books that can make that claim. There is a very painful scene close to the end where it seemed most of the characters grew in their perceptions and understanding of people.

I think that it teaches the true meaning of love. I think this book ranks as a modern classic. I recommend it to all American women and any man who thinks that they understand them. This book is a treasure.

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