Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The Grand Design

God the Universe I was in the womb. The womb was in my mother. My mother was on the earth. The earth is in the solar system. The solar system is in the Milky Way. The Milky Way is in the universe. Well, now where is the universe? What happens to logic? Some say it fails, some say it ends, some say physics is complete. Stephen Hawkings perhaps persumes that universe created itself from nothing. Nothing? I am sure when Dr Hawkings said god he means the entity in which the god's men have faith based on belief. So says he that the universe is not created by the so called god. If God is not an entity then Hawkings can be right for assuming the universe or the creation itself as god and so he has faith based on physics that universe created itself. First please debate whether god is an entity or a non entity.

One comment on this controversy asks Dr Hawkings what was before the Big Bang. Well, it was the colllapsing universe into the largest singularity, having the total energy, both the energy that manifests and the energy that does not manifest fused together. This singularity further collapses to trigger the Big Bang. The birth of the universe gives out two energies one that manifests into matter and the other which does not manifest remains as energy and expands along with the matter to hold them. Since this expansion and collapse occurs once in 100 years(NOT TERRESTRIAL YEAR)he must have said the universe creates itself from nothing.

Religions live in the past. Scientists live in the future. God's men
think god made man in his own immage for ever. Science tells us about evolution and man is not the final form of evolution. He can take mutation and get higher level of intelligence and find the answers and the Truth one day. It's unfair to expect science to unfold all the secrets in our lifetime. After all we humans even after thousands of years are not sure about god.

More than Dr Hawkings' declaration, I am amused by the reactions from godmen. Why not ask a couple of questions.Where was god the entity before his creation? Did he create the universe around him or outside. Why did he choose that particular time to create? What was he doing before the creation? Why is god addresed as He and not She. When god said let there be light and there was did sound come into being?God created the universe in an order (the order of evolution). Why cant he create in the reverse?

A comment said seeing is not believing. Is hearing believing? For ages now we believe that Mosses came down from the hill top and said that he spoke with god. Fortunately for some and unfortunately for others Erich von Daniken was not there, if he was he would'nt have believed it.
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