Monday, September 06, 2010

Helen on Usability

A nice perk from working in the software development department in my company: we’re allowed to buy books on the company credit card as long as we share the knowledge with the team afterwards.
I decided to try this out by ordering the “Rocket Surgery Made Easy “ by Steve Krug, the sequel to “Don’t Make Me Think“. I haven’t finished the sequel yet, but I thought it would benefit the team to do a 15 minute presentation on the original: [need a thumbs up from manager to post slide here ]

I’m quite pleased with my first ever presentation (not including primary school). I assure you, it makes more sense if I’m standing there talking you through it!
Oh, and I’d highly recommend “Don’t Make Me Think” if you’re thinking of purchasing a web usability book. It really is quite good, although a little out of date.

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