Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Assholes Finish First

Having read I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell a couple of times, I was stoked when I got an advanced copy of AFF through a friend of a friend. I have to admit that my expectations were kinda low since I didn't think you could really top  I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell. What I realized after reading this book was that the best way to follow up a book like IHTSBIH is to do something a little different.

And it feels like that's what Tucker did. He talked about the same stuff (alcohol, virgins, clowns, midgets) but from a wiser, more mature perspective since after all he's what in his mid-30s now? The best part of AFF for me was that while a lot of the humor came out of the outrageous, ridiculousness of the content (e.g. who drives an RV through Harlem at night???), even more came out of the (slightly) elevated maturity and (slightly) refined writing style Tucker seems to have developed since IHTSBIH.

I'm sure this won't be for everyone since nothing ever is, but if you love to laugh at craziness and the often times self-inflicted misfortunes of others, you are going to love AFF. Especially the Post-Fame Sex Stories, where the unbelievable depravity gets turned up to 11.

Wanna set yourself on fire? Get this book

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