Thursday, February 25, 2010

17 inch laptop backpack

My employer bought me this same 17 inch laptop backpack because the standard laptop shoulder bags were aggravating a back injury, after seeing how well this17 inch laptop backpack as endured I've enjoyed it so much I bought one for myself ([...])! To note, this seems to be predominant work backpack now.

I've carried a D630 (14.1") in this for about 2 years so far, lugging it great distances without any complaints. It's comfortable and provides good ventilation. In addition, I've packed it 3 classes worth of material (thick books), 2 water bottles, lunch, and enough accessories/junk that one would expect a full time employee/student could want to carry -- so it has more than enough capacity, more than anyone would use. Given this load however, it does not stay standing and rolls forward but may work with a 17" laptop?

I dinged it a start for capacity because the shoulder cellphone holster wouldn't fit my smartphone (BlackBerry) in this 17 inch laptop backpack. It would fit in the top pocket (velcro) and the calculator (?) pocket in the outer most pocket. It also has a couple of handy holes that let you route your headphones from your mp3 player which is kind of cool but could ruin some headphones as well.

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