Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hacking World of Warcraft (ExtremeTech)

"First let me say this is an extremely well written and useful book. I am very happy I purchased Hacking World of Warcraft.

My primary interest was in understanding and creating addons. I am a  programmer of nearly 25 years experience (yeah, punched cards all the way to C++ and Java) so what I was primarily after was a good intro to World of Warcraft AddOn development. The explanations of XML and lua were well done and useful. and the character position development teaching project well-conceived."

I wrote that to the author when asking him a question about the example I was building. I got a quick and courteous reply, and was able to fix my problem.

About the last third of the book is devoted to AddOn development. It covers the subject well without talking down to an experienced programmer, and seemed to me to also lead the novice in a comprehensible way. A tough line to walk, but they did it well.

As for the rest of the book, I found the list and explanations for the AddOns mentioned well thought out. Admittedly I didn't need it much (I have been playing WoW way too long and knew most of them already) but they would have been very useful when I was first starting to get interested in AddOns.

My only real criticism of this book is its title. The first two thirds are devoted to existing AddOns, not the development of AddOns, and that makes the title more than a little misleading. For me, that two thirds came as an unexpected bonus to the AddOn development section, which met my needs and expectations well.

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