Monday, February 15, 2010

Food Rules: An Eater's Manual

Food Rules is a terrific little guide to help you eat better. Most of us probably know on an intellectual level all Pollan says makes sense, but sometimes we need to see something in print to really have that "Ah ha!" moment. The little tips are easy to remember and I know I'll be referencing this book for some time.

A note on Kindle formatting. This Kindle download was very clean and free from editing errors, but it was also clearly put together as an afterthought. The most annoying issue were all the useless pages between 'rules'. I counted 52 'pages' dedicated to drawings of vegetables, etc. They added nothing to the book, IMO, and just plain irritated me. Considering how short the book is, a great percentage was taken up with these uninformative drawings.

The other issue I had with the formatting was that in several chapters, Pollan referenced future or past rules by number, yet they weren't linked to the rule in question. He frequently mentions 'Rule 60' - how difficult would it have been to link to it? Thankfully, the TOC is linked, so you can go there and page through to the rule you want to read to get there, but the teensiest bit of forethought would have made this a much more useful resource on the Kindle.

Honestly, this might be one occasion where the DTB version could be more useful.

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