Thursday, October 14, 2010

JBuds J3 Micro Atomic In-Ear Earphones with Travel Case for $9.95

I bought these as a replacement for my surprisingly durable apple ipod phones.

I have read reviews about a "trebly" sound. I did notice this when first listening. But read the directions! It says they sound better after playing for 24-48 hours; just leave your phones plugged in all day if you aren't using them during this period. I would say they really started sounding good after a little more playtime than this but not too much longer. And after using them for 6 months, I think they sound better than ever! Also keep in mind these are in-ear headphones. The lower frequencies depend on the whole phone vibrating in your ear, so don't be turned-off by the relatively small speaker mesh. The bass in these headphones seems pretty darn good.

Minus just one star for having the issue of banging on wires creating noise in the phones (although this is probably an issue with most in-ear phones of this type) and too short of a wire. This is not much of an issue with the J3s when sitting down. I have found that wrapping the wires around the ears almost eliminates the thud, but this makes the wire even shorter than it already is. I have not used the J3 much while exercising so I cannot give an opinion for this type of use.

I can say that the smooth wire coating on the J3s does a great job of eliminating any scratching noises, unlike fabric-coated wires.

At just $9.95 I think it's a steal!

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