Friday, October 15, 2010

Noise-Cancelling Earbud Headphones

My 'normal' headphones are earbuds and I like the loose fit. I was skeptical about getting noise-cancelling earbuds due to the 'tight' fit in the ear, but these Noise cancelling Headphones are DEFINELY worth it! Amazing the difference these make in noise reduction. Loud AC unit in my living room becomes 'silent'.

Took the headphones on a trip recently -- sitting at the airport gate, the headphones got rid of the din of noise yet let me hear the intercom messages. And once we were on the plane/in flight, greatly reduced the engine/air noises. Had one instance (in the airport) where I couldn't hear a gentleman talking to me when the headphones were on, but I can live with that!

Looking for Noise Cancelling Headphones, then check out this lot. There's definitely something there for every one.

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